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    Attention Grand Rapids Business Owners!
    Construction projects may impact your business.
    Don't panic; there are things you can do to mitigate the effects of construction on your business. Recognize that the City and project contractors do their absolute best to resolve issues. Completing a project in a timely fashion is in everyone's best interest.

    Road Construction is necessary as our pavement, sewers, and utilities do not last forever.
    Keep in mind, once construction is complete, the corridor is likely to be construction free for years.

    Construction Tips for Businesses
    • Attend any construction project meetings that may occur.
    • Seek advice from businesses that have experienced similar periods of construction. Discover what methods they found effective in maintaining business.
    • Work with neighborhood or business organizations to help build a communication strategy.
    • Communicate your business’ needs to City staff to assure that customer access, deliveries, and other requests are considered.
    • Begin informing customers about the construction as soon as possible. 
    • Post construction mailers, supply detour maps, and share information through social media.
    • Consider reducing inventory and staff during construction. When possible, it can be a useful strategy.
    During Construction:  

    • Consider using a back entrance for better customer access when available.
    • Provide alternative directions and access information for your employees to reduce road and parking congestion.
    • Use social media to communicate with your customers to share detour maps and let them know you are open for business.
    • Evaluate setting up a temporary delivery service to reach customers unwilling to navigate the construction area.
    • Consider staying open later in the evening after construction has cleared out for the day and/or hosting special events.
    • Continue staying informed! Check or call 456-3000 for project updates. 
    • Use the construction period to get things done that you haven’t had time to address. Schedule remodels, staff parties, or deep clean days. 


    • Let customers know construction is over via social media and advertising.
    • Promote the new image, improved driving conditions and other features of the completed roadway.
    • Host an end of construction event. Invite residents, elected officials, business owners, employees, and members of the media.
    • Support businesses that undergo a similar process. Provide helpful feedback based on your experiences.