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    The Planning Commissioners ask that you direct all correspondence to the Planning Commission at the following address:

    Grand Rapids Planning Commission
    c/o City of Grand Rapids Planning Department
    1120 Monroe Ave., NW - 3rd Floor
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    (616) 456-4100

    Staff Contacts

    • Suzanne Schulz 456-4100
    • Kristin Turkelson 456-3760
    • Elizabeth Zeller 456-3798
    • Landon Bartley 456-4499
    • Mr. Stephen Ruis, Chairperson
    • Mr. Kyle Van Strien, Vice Chairperson
    • Mr. Reginald Smith, Secretary
    • Mr. Thomas Koetsier
    • Mr. Walter M. Brame
    • Ms. Mary Angelo
    • Mr. Paul Rozeboom
    • Mr. Rick D. Treur
    • Ms. Erica Curry Van Ee
    Recording Secretary
    • Ms. Carol Gornowich