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    While a master plan typically looks 20 years or more into the future, it must be re-assessed and updated at regular intervals.  Grand Rapids' last Master Plan was adopted in 1963.  Although the city has been continuously involved in planning (and the Master Plan has been amended many times), the community's vision for the future had not been comprehensively evaluated for a very long time.

    This updated Master Plan, adopted in 2002, records the community consensus on a new vision for Grand Rapids.  That vision covers a broad range of topics that are important to quality of life (for example, schools, public safety or job training); however, the Master Plan focuses primarily on those land use, development and infrastructure issues on which city policy can have a direct impact.

    Printed copies of the city Master Plan (along with Green Grand Rapids and the Michigan Street Corridor Plan) are available for $30 each. You can purchase at the counter of the city Development Center, 1120 Monroe NW. Cash, check or Visa / MasterCard will be accepted.

    Neighborhood Plans and Projects

    •  State Street Corridor Plan

    •  Westside Area Plan

    •  U to the ZOO Plan - Adopted October 23, 2012

    •  Brikyaat Development Plan - Adopted July 20, 2007

    •  Monroe North Area Specific Plan - Adopted Feb 23, 2010
       North Monroe Draft MNRTF Acquisition

    •  Belknap Neighborhood Area Specific Plan - Adopted Feb 23, 2010
       Design Files for 4/13/2016 Belknap Lookout meeting 160197_Design Intent-NOBL.PDF
    •  MOBL NOBL Charrette (2006)

    •  Boston Square Area Specific Plan - Adopted May 25, 2010
       • Maps and Drawings 
       • Text

    •  North East Beltline Joint Development Plan (1998)
       • Plan
       • Appendix
       • Planning Study 

    Policies and Reports

    •  Grand Rapids Street Classification Policy (1996)