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    The Green Grand Rapids process will be similar to the Plan Grand Rapids and Zone Grand Rapids processes employed to engage citizens in the creation of a new master plan and zoning ordinance. The City is required to update its Master Plan and Parks and Recreation Plan every five years. Instead of passing a short bureaucratic resolution to update the plans, the City of Grand Rapids Planning Department and Parks and Recreation Department view this as an opportunity to initiate a citywide green infrastructure master planning process called Green Grand Rapids that will focus on quality of life and the physical development of community infrastructure as it relates to greening, connectivity, natural systems, the Grand River, recreation and public health. more....


    -New! Green Grand Rapids Report - [Master Plan Addendum] - 201 Market Report (pdf)
    - Grand Rapids Whitewater Preferred Alternative Report (pdf) Green Gathering: Call to Action  Newsletter


    Green Gathering: Call to Action 
    Powerpoint Presentation
    Part One
    Part Two

    River Corridor Guidelines
    Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three

    Community members choose priority action strategies at Green Gathering: Actions
    Actions Priorities Matrix
    Actions Results


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