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     Key Strategies


    - Provide an accessible park within walking distance (1/4 mile) of all residents.
    - Investigate opportunities for partnerships.
    - Extend the riverwalk from Millennium Park to Riverside Park.
    - Investigate the potential for adding parks on the Grand River.
    - Complete the Plaster Creek trail.
    - Investigate feasibility of trail connections on tributary creeks, inactive rail ROWs and utility corridors.
    - Better market + advertise parks to increase awareness + use.
    - Hold more special events at parks to attract users and build support.
    - Seek involvement of community groups in helping maintain parks and open space.
    - Adopt policy requiring deed restrictions to preserve important open spaces/trail connections in the sale of city-owned property.
    - Continue to cooperated with GRPS to provide joint park-school facilities.
    - Coordinate park acquisition with the ecological framework plan.
    - Establish maintenance priorities that balance cost effectiveness with quality.
    - Maintain publicly owned vacant lots or make them available as community gardens.
    - Use LID principles in all park development.
    - Use parks as demonstration and education sites for green practices.
    - With community input, prepare concept plans for Joe Taylor, Ball-Perkins and Butterworth.
    - Give priority to funding multi-purpose parks (as opposed to specialized parks) that provide a diversity of user activities.
    - Support expanded recreation programming for residents of all ages.
    - Evaluate feasibility of dedicated park or broader green initiatives millage.
    - Revise development regulations to provide requirements/incentives for private sector provision of usable, public open space.
    - Aggressively pursue state and federal funding.

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