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    Key Strategies
    - Expand the range of recreation opportunities on and adjacent to the river.
    - Investigate opportunities for adding riverfront parks giving special attention to vacant and under used city and county properties.
    - Evaluate all (county- and) city-owned riverfront properties to determine how they can best contribute to the riverfront experience.
    - North of Wealthy Street, encourage mixed use development that adds open space, provide public access and gives priority to higher density   development.
    - North of Wealthy Street, encourage new development/redevelopment that provides lively public spaces with shops and restaurants.
    - Identify conditions that impair the visual character of the river; develop and prioritize improvement strategies.
    - Provide open spaces at selected east-west street ends and bridge crossings.
    - Evaluate the feasibility of returning the “rapids’ to the river.
    - Use riverfront parks and the riverwalk/greenway system as part of a comprehensive strategy for protecting the quality of stream and river corridors.
    - Extend the Riverwalk.

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