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    Key Strategies

    -Appoint a complete streets planning committee to draft policies and plans.
    -Design all streets to be safe, walkable + to present a pleasing
    -Coordinate land use, site design and transportation planning to make transit convenient, efficient and affordable.
    -Implement improvements incrementally.
    -Prepare an on-street bike route plan.
    -Encourage compact development patterns, a mix of uses, connected streets and transit-supportive development.
    -Complete the Plaster Creek trail from Division to the Grand River.
    -Require sidewalks in all development/redevelopment projects.
    -Explore off-street trail opportunities along inactive/abandoned rail ROWs and utility corridors.
    -Support the proposed BRT and downtown streetcar.
    -Provide streetscape improvements on city gateway corridors and image streets.
    -Design greenways to protect natural features, provide habitat corridors and improve stormwater management.


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