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    It is the mission of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to foster and support new investment in downtown. Funds are provided to support new development support initiatives that are consistent with the DDA development plan. In order to accomplish this, the DDA has established the following incentive programs:

    Building Reuse Incentives Program

    The Building Reuse Incentives Program is designed to reduce the incidence of vacancy in the older downtown buildings by providing assistance by providing financial assistance to property owners in overcoming the unique and challenging barriers associated with reusing older buildings. Assistance may only be used to improve barrier free access, improve fire suppression systems, improve fire-rated stair towers, upgrade utilities, or for facade improvements.

    Guidelines (PDF)    Application (PDF)

    Streetscape Incentives Program

    The DDA offers a grant to eligible property owners to cover a portion of the cost of streetscape improvements adjacent to the property. The program is designed to improve the appearance and usability of sidewalks and pedestrian ways, and to improve the safety of downtown by improving walking surfaces that have deteriorated.

    Guidelines (PDF)     Application (PDF)

    Areaway Fill Incentives Program

    During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, it was common practice to extend the basement of a building under the public sidewalks. These extensions are commonly known as vaults, or areaways. It is City policy to eliminate areaways wherever possible and to eliminate the uncertainty involved in future repair of these facilities, to improve the safety of downtown and to provide improved walking surfaces. The DDA offers a grant to eligible property owners to cover a portion of the cost of an areaway fill project.

    Guidelines (PDF)     Application (PDF)

    Downtown Development Support Policy

    The Downtown Development Support Policy outlines the conditions by which the DDA may consider entering into a development agreement to jointly fund eligible public facilities constructed in conjunction with major new projects.

    Policy (PDF)

    Please contact us at 616-456-3163 to set up a meeting if you are interested in possibilities for a development agreement with the DDA.