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    ​​For years, the main position in the region's economy has been occupied by industry. The oldest traditions, going back to the Middle Ages, are connected with the textile industry. But there were other dynamic industries as well. Consequently, the area gained the name of a region of a hundred industries and the citizens of Bielsko-Biala were always considered really well-off people. Today, the voivodeship is still among the top industrial centers in Poland. The major share in domestic production belongs to the electro-equipment, textile and chemical industries, food processing, and forestry. The region's enterprises have a lot to offer: cars, cranes, gliders, textile machines, tools, engines, paints and lacquers, wool and cotton fabrics, clothes, footwear, furs, food confectionery, meat, alcohol, excellent beer. Many of these products are well known abroad.

    Like the whole country, currently trying to recover from the old, centralized economy, the region has been affected by an economic crisis. However, in comparison with other regions, recession is much lower and the unemployment rate is the lowest in Poland. There is no return from the restructuring and privatization of economy and these processes are well underway in the whole voivodeship. This giant project requires not only a new way of thinking but enormous capital input as well.

    To this end, foreign partners are needed, who would be interested in cooperation and investments in our region. Many investors have already come. There are over 100 enterprises with foreign capital, the biggest of them being Fiat Auto Poland, a joint stock company created by the Italian Fiat and our FSM.

    Will there be followers? We think the answer is yes as there are hundreds of possibilities of cooperation. In order to match business partners, the Regional Development Agency SA has been established which possesses an extensive databank on the local enterprises. Some of them have difficulties in utilizing their production potential. Cooperation in joint projects has great chances of bringing profits for both sides. It is also worth remembering that the region has another crucial advantage: it is neighbors with the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is not far from the vast markets of the former Soviet Union.

    You won't be disappointed if you decide to invest in the Bielsko-Biala voivodeship; you are bound to find something promising, no matter what industry you are interested in.​