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    This page provides information about living off-campus with the goal of encouraging positive, healthy relationships between students and neighbors. The Good Neighbor Committee is a group made up of stakeholders representing different sectors from our community. Committee member organizations are listed below. 



    The goal of this group is to ensure students who live in off-campus housing are informed and feel welcome as they move into Grand Rapids' unique neighborhoods. In this page you will find information and resources made available by this Committee's member organizations to assist you during your transition to neighborhood living. Grand Rapids is home to 32 neighborhoods, many of which maintain neighborhood associations. Neighborhood associations are community focused hubs of neighborhood activities and resources. Use the map at the bottom of the page to check out which neighborhood and ward you belong to as well as who your City Commissioners are. Take full advantage of all that Grand Rapids has to offer to enhance and deepen your learning experience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.


     Good Neighbor Committee

    Where do you live?
    Find out what neighborhood and ward you belong to and who your City Commissioners are!


    COMING SOON! The Grand Rapids Living Guide covers general topics regarding living in Grand Rapids.

    Click here​ for Grand Rapids neighborhood associations' contact information.

    If you or a friend have questions related to homelessness, please call 2-1-1 or click here for resources.