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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Neighborhood Match Fund

    The Neighborhood Match Fund (NMF) invests strategically in resident and neighborhood leadership

    for a public purpose, with an emphasis on communities with the greatest need to leverage these

    small financial contracts to achieve the following NMF objectives:

    1. Identify, develop and network residents;
    2. Build stronger connections among residents and in their neighborhoods;
    3. Address and promote equitable outcomes; and
    4. Benefit the public.

    “Equitable outcomes” means the NMF project is intentionally designed and implemented to lift up

    the power and leadership of historically marginalized communities.

    The target NMF contract recipients are Grand Rapids residents, informal groups comprised mostly

    of residents (E.g. Block Clubs) and community-based grassroots organizations. NMF funded projects

    must be led by Grand Rapids residents from the community of project impact.  NMF contracts are

    between $200 and $2,500, depending on the requested amount, scope of the project, alignment with

    NMF objectives and balance of funds. Applications are reviewed by committee on a quarterly basis.

    If awarded NMFs, the contractor must “match” the contract dollar for dollar. Match contributions

    can be any combination of volunteer labor, in-kind goods and services, and cash donations.

    For example, a NMF contract for $500 could be matched with $100 worth of volunteer labor

    (valued at $20/hour), $300 of in-kind/donated materials (Eg. Food, Supplies), and $100 cash

    donation from a local business or from a grant.

    Important NMF: Dates

    Registering with the City of Grand Rapids as a vendor takes time, both to register and to process internally.

    It is recommended that fiduciary organizations register with the City during the time of application.

    Checks cannot be produced until the fiduciary is registered.

    The following Grand Rapids nonprofits are available to serve as free fiduciaries for individuals and informal

    groups of residents. They have a right to refuse fiduciary services for projects that fall outside their service

    areas, are not aligned to their missions, or if they are currently at capacity serving other NMF projects:


    You do not have to use these organizations as your fiduciary.

    How to Apply:

    1.  Please read this NMF Proposal Worksheet.docxNMF Proposal Worksheet.docx for criteria, application steps, and overview of what the application will include.
    2.  Know the area that will be directly impacted by the project (specific address location, block(s), neighborhood(s),
         City Ward) Click here for a neighborhood map = click “Grand Rapids Neighborhoods” after following the link.
    3.  Create an online account (unless you already have one) so you can submit a proposal.
    4.  Complete the online application – choose “NEIGHBORHOOD MATCH” category.
         a. To save an in-process application, click “Save and resume later” at the bottom-left corner of any page.

    Additional Supporting Documents and Links:
    Volunteer Match Contribution Documentation Form – Per Volunteer
    Volunteer Match Contribution Documentation Form – Per Day
    NMF Closing Report Template: NMF Closing Report Template[1].docxNMF Closing Report Template[1].docx

    NMF Application Process:NMF Workflow for Applicants.pdfNMF Workflow for Applicants.pdf
    W-9 Form
    City of Grand Rapids Vendor Registration


    Project Roles:
    Applicant = Person, informal group or nonprofit organization proposing the project.
    Project Lead/Contact = Grand Rapids resident leading the project and who is from the community impacted.

         This is the person the NMF staff will communicate with for the project and is the person responsible for completion

         of the project and the closing report

    Fiduciary = Individual or nonprofit organization located within the City that will help with the financial

         bookkeeping and reporting (copies of receipts, etc.) The check will be written and sent to the Fiduciary.

    Fiduciary Options:
    A.    If the contract request is under $300:
            a.    The Project Lead/Contact can be the fiduciary agent for the group. Will need to submit a completed W9 form.
            b.    The Applicant if it is a 501 (c)(3) organization. In this scenario, enter the Applicant Information as Applicant and Fiduciary.
    B.    If the contract request is $300 or more:
            a.    The Applicant if it is a 501 (c)(3) organization. In this scenario, enter the Applicant Information as Applicant and Fiduciary.
            b.    If the Applicant is not a 501(c)(3) organization, a 3rd party nonprofit or individual in Grand Rapids can serve as the fiduciary.

                   The Fiduciary must register with the City as a Vendor.

    Additional tips:
    1.    “Like” and follow the Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit at to stay connected for

            the latest news on the NMF, Summit and other strategies and resources to help lift up resident and neighborhood leadership.
    2.     For a block party application ($20 fee), CLICK HERE.
    3.     The City’s Office of Special Events’ website,, has a wealth of information on “special” events that require

            permits, City equipment and/or services, etc. You can also find the Special Events application on the side menu on the left.

    Here are a few fun articles to spark NMF project ideas:

    1. National Neighborhood Day (great site with ideas and tools)
    2. Community Service Project Ideas
    3. 31 Ways to Build Community In Your Neighborhood
    4. 40 Simple Ways to Build Community in Your Neighborhood
    5. Pinterest Board  (For great ideas search: “New Neighbor”, “Neighborhood Association Ideas”, etc.)

    Scheduled NMF Community Information Sessions:
    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 5 p.m. at Baxter Community Center, 935 Baxter Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI
    Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 10 a.m. at LINC Up, 1167 Madison Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI

    NMF Projects in the News:
    (April 2017) Kit-A-Gin preschool garden receives Neighborhood Match Funds

    Please note that City staff currently does not have the capacity to vet or help applicants develop proposals.

    For help with the application process, call 616-456-3319 or e-mail