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    How can I contact the City Manager?

    Call the City Manager's office at 616.456.3166 or email

    Can I make an appointment with the City Manager?

    You can request an appointment with the City Manager by using the above contact information.  In the interest of assisting you with a concern, the City Manager's staff may refer you to speak with a department director or other staff who is more immediately familiar with your issue, rather than schedule time on the Manager's calendar.

    When and where does the City Commission meet?

    The City Commission meets twice a month according to the calendar you can see by clicking HERE.  Most meetings are held at City Hall, 300 Monroe NW, in the Commission Chambers on the 9th floor at 7pm.  Three times a year, the Commission holds a "Commission Night Out" and they meet in one of the City's three wards. 

    Are the City Commission meetings televised?

    The Committee of the Whole meeting is televised beginning at 9:30am on local cable channel 26 on days the Commission meets.  If the Committee of the Whole is meeting, you can watch it HERE, live.

    Who is my City Commissioner?

    If you are a resident of the City of Grand Rapids, your commissioner is elected by the residents of your ward. Check to see which Ward you reside in first, then look up your City Commissioners HERE

    How can I contact my City Commissioner?

    You may contact your City Commissioners by telephone, 456-3035, or by email.  The list of your elected officials' email addresses can be found by clicking HERE.

    How can I share my view on a topic with the Commission?

    If you would like your view to become a matter of public record, you may submit a letter to the 
    Grand Rapids City Commission
    c/o City Clerk
    City of Grand Rapids
    300 Monroe NW
    Grand Rapids, MI  49503

    You may also choose to attend an evening City Commission meeting and voice your views during the public comment portion of the meeting.  Most City Commissioners have voice mail which you can access by calling 456-3035, then ask to have your call directed to the appropriate Commissioner's voice mail box where you can leave a message, or you may leave a message with staff.

    Letters can also be sent to individual Commissioners addressed to:

    Commissioner [insert name here]
    City of Grand Rapids
    300 Monroe NW - Room 660
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503


    How do I make a complaint about...

    • Someone driving a City Vehicle?  
      Contact the City's Labor Relations Department with as much information as possible, including the date, time, vehicle number.
      The telephone number is 616.456.3113
    • A City Policy?
      Policy is set by your elected body--the Mayor and City Commission.  You may contact your Commissioners at 456.3035.
    • A Parking Ticket?
      You may speak with Parking Services (which issues tickets) at 456-3290, or the City Treasurer at 456-3020, who is in charge of collecting parking ticket fees.
    • Snow plowing? for complaints involving private snow contractors, contact the City Clerk's office at 456-3017.  For complaints regarding City snow plows, contact 456-3232.
    • Missed Refuse?  Contact the Streets and Sanitation Department before 4pm.  456-3232

    Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?  a death certificate?

    Kent County Clerk's office.  Their phone number is 616.632.7640, or view their website, for more information.

    Where do I get a marriage license?

    Kent County Clerk's office. Their phone number is 616.632.7640, or view their website, for more information.

    Can the Mayor perform my marriage ceremony?

    The Mayor of Grand Rapids is able to perform marriage ceremonies, based on availability.  Please call 616.456.3168 to make arrangements.

    When will the City celebrate Halloween?

    Trick or Treating in the City of Grand Rapids is observed on October 31, even when the date falls on a Sunday.  Hours are generally from dusk until 8pm.

    When will the 4th of July fireworks be held?

    If fireworks are planned, they are held on the 4th of July.  Watch for more information on local news stations.