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    ​​​​Urban Agriculture Committee​
    Facilitating Department: 

    Commission Responsibilities
    The Urban Agriculture Committee shall be an advisory committee with the following duties and responsibilities:

    (1)​ Educating members of the public about the benefits of growing, processing and distribution of food and other products through agricultural activities within the City of Grand Rapids.

    (2)  Providing leadership and expertise to policy makers in the development of public infrastructure necessary for increased urban food production, processing and marketing.

    (3) Providing guidance on policies associated with the extension of appropriate farm-related services and opportunities to urban growers.

    (4) Advising and assisting City efforts to integrate health, nutrition, food production, food access and agricultural economics.

    (5) Help develop policies that integrate urban agriculture and urban planning.

    (6) Conduct such special studies or projects as the Mayor, the City Manager or the City Commission may request.​ 

    Authorizing Authority
    Adopted July 26,2016 - The Commission is granted its authority over subject matter via City Code Sec. 6.50.
    Location and Time

    Meeting Information


    Facilitating Department Contact

    Catherine Zietse - Public Services

    Becoming a Member
    Application and Vetting
    Members are confirmed by City Commission. All applicants are vetted for eligibility. To learn more about this vetting process please visit the Boards and Commissions homepage at

    All applicants shall be citizens with a demonstrated interest or expertise in agricultural issues​.

    The Mayor shall appoint four (4) members: one member representing a farmers market, one representing a local community support agriculture organization, one representing the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and one member representing Kent County. 

    The City Commission shall appoint six (6) members, with each Commissioner appointing one member. 

    The City Manager shall appoint three (3) members as follows: one from Blandford Nature Center, one City staff member with responsibility in the areas of zoning, economic development or code enforcement, and one City staff member with responsibility in the area of parks and recreation. 

    Term Length
    Members serve two-year terms and are not subject to term limits as outlined in City Commission Policy 300-06

    Members of the board are volunteers and are not compensated.

    Current Commission Composition
    Member Count 
    13 Total Positions
    11 Current Members
    2 Current Vacancies
    Resi​dency Total Count​
    ​Ward 1 0
    Ward 2 ​4
    Ward 3 4
    ​Outside City ​4

    ​​Race/Ethnic Bacground and Gender ​Total Count
    African Ame​rican Female
    African American Male​
    ​Asian or Pacific Islander Female
    ​Asian or Pacific Islander Male
    ​American Indian or Alaskan Native Female
    ​American Indian or Alaskan Native Male
    ​Caucasian Female 5
    ​Caucasian Male 5
    ​Hispanic or Latino Female
    ​Hispanic or Latino Male
    ​Multiracial Female ​1
    ​Multiracial Male
    ​No Response​ ​1
    ​​Did you know all meetings are open to the public?
    Check out the meeting calendar and attend the next Urban Agriculture Committee meeting to learn what items are being discussed.

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    Current Members
    Mayor Appt.
    Member representing the Grand Rapids Public Schools
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Alita Kelly
    Comm. Lenear Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Steve Krogman
    City Manager Appt.
    City staff member with responsibility in the area of parks and recreation
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Connie Bohatch
    City Manager Appt.
    City staff member with responsibility in the areas of zoning, economic development or code enforcement​
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019​

    Rachel Hood
    Comm. Shaffer Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Levi Gardner
    Mayor Appt.
    Member representing a local community support agriculture organization
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Third Ward
    Jill Myer 
    Mayor Appt.
    Member representing Kent County
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Outside City
    David Zimmermann
    Comm. Jones Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Second Ward
    Amy DeVrou
    Comm. Kelly Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Second Ward
    Melissa Harrington 
    Mayor Appt.
    Member representing a farmers market
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Second Ward
    Joan Huyser-Honig
    Comm. O’Connor Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Third Ward
    Jason Meyer 
    City Manager Appt.
    Member representing Blandford Nature Center
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Outside City
    Philip Wheeler
    Comm. Allen Appt.
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Third Ward