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    Authority City Commission Proceeding No. 77990 (Jan. 27, 2009) Corridor Improvement Authority Act (PA 280 of the Public Acts of Michigan as amended, MCLA 125.2871 et.seq.)
    The Board prepares an analysis of economic changes in the development area and studies the impact of metropolitan growth. Plans and proposes the construction, renovation, repair, etc. of any unit that aids the economic growth of the Corridor. The Board consists of the chief executive officer of the municipality or his or her assignee and nine (9) members as determined by the governing body of the municipality. Not less than a majority of the members shall be persons having an ownership or business interest in property located in the development area. At least 1 of the members shall be a resident of the development area or of an area within 1/2 mile of any part of the development area and have the ability to analyze economic development projects.  
    Members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and approval of the City Commission on December 31.
    Residency Requirement

    At least one (1) member shall reside in the development area.

    ​Development Area Map of the Uptown Corridor Improvement District
    Term Each member's term is for four (4) years and not subject to the Service Limitation Policy.

    The Board meets at Inner City Christian Federation, 920 Cherry Street, SE on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.

    Current Annual Meeting Schedule​

    Compensation None.
    Liaison Kara Wood, Economic Development Director, 456-3196.

    ​Current members & term end
    ​Paul Lee
    Pamela Benjamin
    Com. Joseph D. Jones
    Mary O'Neill
    (Peter Vanderwier)
    Pending Oath of Office
    Stephanie Johnson
    Matthew Franko
    Basel Shatara
    Jerry Meyer