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    ​Snowplow Companies​
    ​The Snowplow Companies listed below are licensed to operate within the City of Grand Rapids.

    List is updated regularly.
    Snowplow Companies​ ​Phone Number
    1 Man and a Tractor ​616-299-6013
    ​All Season Lawn Care, Inc.​ ​616-617-6916
    Aloha Landscape Management ​616-481-8213
    Aulbach Concrete, Inc.​ ​616-451-3414
    Brickman d/b/a Brightview Landscapes ​269-323-3093
    Building Bridges Professional Services​ ​616-224-7409
    Burton Landscape Services ​616-334-8422
    Bykerk Landscape Maintenance, Inc. ​616-698-7263
    ​Byron Center Lawn and Snow, LLC ​​616-885-7500
    Carefree Services, Inc. ​616-453-4047
    Clean Cut Landscape Maintenance, LLC 616-633-3414​
    ​Cliff's Snowplowing ​​616-957-7772
    ​Corporate Landscape Maintenance, LLC ​616-891-0777
    Cutter Lawncare & Snowplowing, LLC ​616-735-1194
    DAR Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a River's Edge Landscape Management ​616-785-8845
    DeHaan's Lawn & Landscape Mgt, Inc. ​616-235-1100
    ​Dewey's Snowplowing, LLC d/b/a Clean Sweep ​​616-930-5531
    ​Diversified Cycle Service ​616-726-0100
    ​Dykema Snowplow Service 616-361-1776​
    Egypt Creek Lawn Services, Inc. ​616-856-9131
    Everett's Landscape Management, Inc. ​616-698-8064
    First Class Lawncare & Plowing, LLC ​​616-437-0507
    ​Fresh Cuts Lawn Care & Landscaping ​616-520-1842
    Gootjes Associates, Inc. ​616-698-7300
    ​GR Reliable Lawn Service, LLC ​616-570-3797
    Harder & Warner Nursery, Inc. ​616-698-6910
    Heyboer Landscape Management, Inc. ​616-877-4077
    ​Holland Home Estates ​616-235-5297
    ​J R Kragt ​616-453-3827
    Jack's Lawn Service & Snowplowing, Inc. ​​616-698-8616
    ​Jay's Lawncare & Snowplowing ​616-247-7858
    ​Jose's Landscaping & Snowplowing ​616-451-0528
    Kersjes Lawn Care and Snow Removal, LLC ​616-307-0095
    Larry's Lawn Service and Snowplowing, Ltd 616-241-5203​
    ​Marsman Construction Co. ​616-363-0403
    Mast Contractors ​616-363-0554
    Meadowlands Landscape Management, Inc. ​616-868-9920
    MI Lawn and Landscape, LLC ​616-325-7205
    Monsma Landscape & Maintenance 616-868-5767​
    Mow and Plow 616-459-9947​
    Natural Landscapes, LLC ​616-874-1624
    ​Plow Services ​616-990-4138
    Prime Maintenance, Inc. ​616-257-8829
    ​Procare Landscape Management, Inc. ​616-583-9820
    Rock Ridge Endeavors, LLC ​616-432-9876
    Rose Landscape Services ​616-293-0361
    ​Sanders, Steve ​616-299-7014
    Seif Lawncare & Snowplow, Inc. ​616-363-1374
    Sneller's Landscaping, LLC ​616-868-4900
    Summit Landscape Management​ ​616-453-1091
    ​Superior Asphalt, Inc. 616-451-3200​
    ​Superior Landscape Management, LLC​ ​616-589-2935
    Tender Lawn Care, Inc.​ ​616-456-9942
    Thornapple, Inc.​ ​616-868-9770
    Tri-Us Services, Inc. ​616-678-5555
    Twin Lakes Nursery, Inc.​ ​​616-949-5230
    Vigh Landscape Management, LLC ​616-551-0598
    ​Van Houten, Marvin ​616-364-7334
    ​Vanden Bout Snow & Lawn, Inc.​ ​616-868-5296
    ​Viking Snowplowing ​616-745-7422
    Wagner Contracting, Inc. ​616-696-1780
    ​Wing's Lawn Care & Snowplowing, LLC ​616-299-2998
    Witte Lawn Maintenance, Inc.​ ​616-530-9775
    ​WM Service Enterprises, Inc.
    d/b/a West Michigan Sprinkling
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    We want to know! The more information you have the better. 
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