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         City Commission Policy No. 1100-07

         The Board recommends policies, rules and regulations for the public use of parks and recreation facilities and
         programs.  The Board assists the Director of Parks and Recreation in the evaluation of the City's parks and
         recreation programs and activities.  The Board also suggests changes in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

         The Board is composed of nine (9) members who must be City residents and have an interest in supporting
         parks and recreation services.  Members should represent the interests of the Board of Education, the County
         and other public bodies who provide services related to parks and recreation.  Three (3) members shall
         individually represent one of the following organizations: Grand Rapids Public Schools, Downtown Grand
         Rapids, Inc., and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.


         Members are appointed by the City Commission on the first Monday in January.

    Residency Requirement
         Yes, members must reside within the City of Grand Rapids.

         Each member's term is for three (3) years and subject to the Service Limitation Policy.

         Attend:       All meetings are open to the public. 
                          If you have questions about the meetings or getting involved, please contact the liaison with the
                          information provided below.
         ​Location:    300 Monroe NW Room 601, City Hall
         Time:          6:00 p.m.
         Frequency:  First Wednesday of each month

         Meeting Announcements:

    Current Annual Meeting Schedule          

    Meeting Notice



         David Marquardt, Director of Parks and Recreation
         Community Services
          ph: 456-3232

    Current Members 
    Daniel Vainner
    Resident - Ward 1
    Term Ends:  1/1/2018​
    Lee Mueller
    Resident - Ward 2
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Resident - Ward 3
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Ryan Waalkes
    Resident - Ward 1
    Term Ends:  01/06/2020
    Katrina Queenan
    Resident - Ward 3
    Term Ends:  1/8/2018​
    Kelli Peltier
    Resident - Ward 1
    Term Ends:  1/7/2019
    Timothy Kelly
    DGRI Representative​
    Resident - Ward 2
    Term Ends:  
    Melvin Atkins II
    GRPS Representative
    Resident - Ward 2
    Term Ends:  1/1/2018
    Friends of GR Parks Rep
    Term Ends:  01/06/2020