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    Authority City Code Sec. 1.360
    Purpose The Local Officers Compensation Commission determines the salaries of the Mayor, City Commissioners and Comptroller.  The Commission meets for not more than fifteen (15) session days and makes its determination within forty-five (45) days of its first meeting.  The compensation level determined for each elected official is established unless it is rejected by a two-third vote of the City Commission.  The Commission consists of seven (7) members who are registered electors of the City.  No member or employee of any branch of any level of government or member of their immediate family is eligible to be a member of the Commission.
    Members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Commission for a term beginning on September 30.
    Residency Requirement


    Term Each member's term is seven (7) years. Membership is subject to the Service Limitation Policy.
    Meetings The Commission meets at City Hall every odd-numbered year.
    Compensation None, but members are entitled to compensation for any actual and necessary expenses.
    Liaison Darlene O'Neal, City Clerk, 456-3010

    ​Current members & term end
    (Ted Lott)
    Pending Oath of Office

    Thomas Postmus

    Jerry Kooiman
    Arneada Smith-Alexander
    Mercedes Toohey​
    Sandra Ward
    Mac Wardrop