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    ​The City Licensing year runs from July 1st through June 30th for all businesses. Our fees are based on a cost-recovery model and are reassessed each year to ensure accuracy; fees are not pro-rated and are nonrefundable. Check back for updated fees July 1st.

    Late Fees
    Licenses renewed after the June 30th deadline are subject to a 25% Grace Period late fee, licenses renewed after the July 30th deadline will have to pay the full 1st Issuance Fee. Courtesy letters, applications and invoices will be mailed to all businesses by the end of May each year, however it is the responsibility of each business to renew their license(s) on time. 

    License Category​ ​First Time Fee ​Renewal Fee ​Additional Units Fee
    Ambulance Company​ ​321.00 ​154.00 ​N/A
    Amusement Operator​ ​262.00 ​154.00 ​N/A
    ​Amusement Owner ​246.00 ​155.00 ​8.00
    ​Amusement Owner/Operator ​264.00 ​155.00 ​8.00
    ​Amusement Rides ​408.00 ​N/A ​40.00
    ​Carwash Coin-Operated ​248.00 ​147.00 ​N/A
    Dance Hall ​375.00 ​154.00 ​N/A
    Going out of Business​ ​50.00 ​50.00 ​N/A
    ​Home Occupation - Class B ​280.00 129.00​ ​N/A
    ​Home Occupation - Class C ​280.00 154.00​ ​N/A
    ​Hotel/Motel ​408.00 154.00​ N/A​
    ​Laundry Coin-Operated ​323.00 ​147.00 ​N/A
    ​Liquor License ​1,031.00 ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Liquor License - Development District ​1,506.00 ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Liquor License - Temporary ​948.00 N/A​ N/A​
    ​Junk Dealer (See Second Hand)
    ​Live Entertainment Permit ​389.00 ​154.00 ​N/A
    ​Mobile Food Vending Truck ​233.00 ​N/A 18.00​
    Mobile Vending Cart ​225.00 ​N/A ​32.00
    ​Motion Picture Theater ​395.00 ​147.00 ​N/A
    ​Motor Vehicle Rental Agency ​266.00 ​151.00 ​N/A
    ​Noise Permit 308.00​ ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Parking Facility - Structure ​324.00 ​147.00 ​N/A
    ​Parking Facility - Surface Lot ​278.00 147.00 N/A​
    ​Pawnbroker ​366.00 ​154.00 ​N/A
    Pedicab Company ​289.00 ​147.00 ​N/A
    ​Pedicab Vehicle ​209.00 ​N/A ​21.00
    Pedicab Driver ​151.00 ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Second Hand ​352.00 ​155.00 ​N/A
    ​Snowplow Company ​311.00 ​N/A ​16.00
    ​Solid Waste Hauler ​286.00 ​218.00 ​N/A
    ​Sound Truck (Per Day) ​202.00 ​N/A ​9.00
    Special Event Permit ​213.00 ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Replacement ID Card ​15.00 ​N/A ​N/A
    ​Transient Merchant ​284.00 N/A​ ​N/A
    Valet Company ​231.00 ​159.00 ​N/A
    ​Valet Parking - Fixed Location ​410.00 182.00​ ​N/A
    Valet Parking - Map Addition ​466.00 ​182.00 ​N/A
    ​Valet Parking - Special Event ​410.00 ​N/A ​38.00

    ​​How long will it take to get my license?
    License applications typically take between 5 and 10 business days, however delays can occur so applications should be submitted as early as possible.

    Can't get to the office?
    We can accept credit cards using a Credit Card Advice Form, however the form must be faxed to 616-456-4607.