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    Authority MSA 5.3194(101)
    MCLA 141.691
    Purpose The Board hears and decides appeals of income tax assessments and rulings. The Board may affirm, reverse or modify the matter under appeal.  The Board consists of three (3) members who are residents of the City but not City officials or City employees. (If possible, the membership should consist of one attorney, one accountant and one citizen-at-large).
    Members are appointed by the City Commission on the first Monday in January and not subject to the Service Limitation Policy. 
    Residency Requirement


    Term Each member's term is for three (3) years.
    Meetings The Board meets at City Hall. Meetings are subject to call. 
    Compensation None.
    Liaison Bill Butts and Jennifer Woodard, Income Tax, (616) 456-3415

    Current members & term end​
    ​Robert G. Keeney

    (Gilbert Conley)

    Pending Oath of Office

    Richard Staskey

    Notice of Organizational Meeting; Hearing