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    Authority City Code Sec. 5.394 et. seq.
    MCLA 399.201
    MSA 5.3407
    Purpose The Commission reviews permit applications required to be submitted prior to any work affecting the exterior appearance of a structure or resource within an Historic District or to an Historic Landmark.  Commission or staff approval must be obtained before work can proceed.  Commission members conduct inspections of properties, meet with owners, contractors, architects and others to resolve design issues and give their advise and guidance.  The Commission reviews and comments on City projects and programs affecting historical resources and promotes the City's heritage through neighborhood preservation and education.  The Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on establishing or modifying Historic Districts or designating Historic Landmarks, and maintains a roster of the same.  The Commission is composed of seven (7) members who represent the citizens of the City.  One (1) member must be a state registered architect and two (2) members are appointed from a list submitted by the Kent County Council for Historic Preservation or other existing preservation societies.
    Appointment Members are appointed by the City Commission on the first Monday in January.
    Residency requirement


    Term Each member's term is for three (3) years.  Members are subject to the Service Limitation Policy.

    The Commission meets in the Neighborhood Services Office at 1120 Monroe Avenue, NW on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

    Current Annual Meeting Schedule

    Compensation None.
    Liaison Rhonda Baker, Historic Preservation Specialist, 456-3451
    ​Current members

    Mara Braspenninx
    Architect Seat 

    Resident - Ward 2​

    Lisa J. Miller​

    Resident - Ward 3

    Emily Uebbing​

    Resident - Ward 1


    Kerry Baldwin

    Resident - Ward 2

    Jennifer Gavin
    Resident - Ward 3

    Christopher Reader

    Resident - Ward 1