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    Authority City Code Sec. 1.353 et. seq.
    MCLA 125.653 et. seq.
    MSA 5.3013 et. seq.
    Purpose The Housing Commission is a special purpose body established under State enabling legislation to purchase, acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve, repair or extend public or senior housing facilities and eliminate adverse housing conditions.  The Housing Commission has the administrative power to hire, fire, manage and direct the activity of subordinate officers and employees. The Housing Commission is composed of five (5) members who are representative of the City's citizens and knowledgeable of real estate and/or property management.  Pursuant to MCL 125.654(2), at least one (1) member of the Commission shall be a tenant of public or subsidized housing.  The Housing Commission may appoint a Director and such other employees or officials as may be necessary.  More information is available at
    Appointment Members are appointed by the City Manager with City Commission approval on the second Tuesday of April.
    Residency requirement


    Term Each member's term is for five (5) years.  Membership is not subject to the Service Limitation Policy.
    Meetings The Commission meets in the Administration Building Conference Room at 1420 Fuller Ave., SE at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.

    Current Annual Meeting Schedule
    Compensation None.
    Liaison Carlos Sanchez, Executive Director, 235-2600

    ​Current members & term end
    ​Angela Bunn

    Bobbie Butler​ 



    (Monica Steimle) 
    Pending Oath of Office​
    ​Patrick Miles, Sr.
    Betty Volkema-Zylstra​