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    Authority City Commission Proceeding No. 16373 (Aug 3, 1965)
    MSA 5.301 et. seq.
    MCLA 123.951
    Purpose The Building Authority has the power to independently finance the acquisition and construction of facilities as well as to furnish, own, improve, enlarge, operate and maintain public buildings.  The Board consists of three (3) members.  No member of the City's legislative body is eligible for membership.
    Appointment Members are appointed by the City Commission on July 1.
    ​Residency requirement


    Term Each member's term is for six (6) years and not subject to the Service Limitation Policy.

    The Board meets in Conference Room 901 in City Hall on an as-needed basis.

    Current Annual Meeting Schedule​

    Meeting Notice

    Compensation None.
    Liaison Engineering Department, 456-3060

    Current members & term end​

    ​Eric DeLong
    Carl VanderZee Jr.
    Thomas J. Wesholski​