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    Authority City Code Sec. 8.56
    Purpose The Board establishes an examination and determines the qualifications required for an individual to be granted an electrical license. The Board not only has the power to grant licenses, but also to revoke or suspend them where appropriate and when necessary.  The Board consists of the Electrical Inspector and four (4) other members.  The composition of the four (4) members is as follows:
       1) representative of a person, firm or corporation which has an electrical contractor's license,
       2) representative of a person, firm or corporation which has a chief electrician license,
       3) representative of a utility providing electrical energy in the City ,
       4) a journeyman electrician chosen for his or her expert knowledge of electric wiring devices or equipment.
    Appointment Members are appointed by the City Manager with City Commission approval on the first Monday of January.
    Residency requirement


    Term Each member's term is for two (2) years and not subject to the Service Limitation Policy.
    Meetings The Board meets in the Conference Room at 1120 Monroe Avenue, NW at 1:00 p.m.  See annual meeting schedule for dates.
    Current Annual Meeting Schedule​
    Compensation None.
    Liaison Mike Andrews, Electrical Inspector, 456-3424
    Current members & term end

    ​Mike Andrews
    Chief Electrical Inspector

    Joseph Halik​

    John Hunt

    ​Daniel Radecki

    Cynthia Czarniecki-Brown