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    Authority Chapter 131 Section 8.9 of Title VIII of the Code of the City of Grand Rapids


    The Board serves as an appeals board from rules or regulations of the Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Codes and may grant, modify or deny an appeal made to a decision of the building official.  The Board also passes upon matters pertaining to building construction.  The Construction Code Board of Appeals sha ll consist of three (3) general members and four (4) trade specialist members appointed by the City Manager, by and with the approval of the City Commission.  Appointments shall be made for a term of four (4) years, but any appointed member may, for cause, be removed from office at any time by the City Manager.

    The three (3) general members shall be licensed professional architects or engineers with at least five (5) years of experience, or Fire Code Officials.  The four (4) trade specialist members shall include:


    1. A building contractor or construction superintendent with at least five (5) years of experience in directing non-residential building construction.
    2. A licensed Master Electrician.
    3. A licensed Mechanical Contractor.
    4. A licensed Master Plumber.



    A quorum of the Board shall require the presence of at least four (4) members and shall include at least two (2) general members and at least one (1) trade specialist with expertise in the code provision(s) which are at issue in the appeal.”

    Appointment Members are appointed by the City Manager with approval by the City Commission on the first Monday in January.
    Residency requirement


    Term Each member's term is for four (4) years.  Membership is subject to the Service Limitation Policy.
    Meetings The Board meets subject to call of the Chair within ten (10) days of the filing of an appeal or at stated periodic meetings, if necessary, at the Building Inspections Office at 1120 Monroe Avenue, NW.
    Compensation None.
    Liaison Mark Fleet, Building Official, 456-3487

    ​Current members & term end
    Brian Swem
    Architect/Engineer/Fire Code Official Member

    Master Plumber Member





    Kenneth Reigler

    Architect/Engineer/Fire Code Official Member



    Nathan Willink
    Building Contractor Member

    ​Mark Kowalczyk

    (Pending Oath of Office)
    ​Master Electrician Member

    Paul Gordon

    Mechanical Contractor Member

    ​(Isaac Norris)
    Pending Oath of Office
    Architect/Engineer/Fire Code Official Member