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    ​​Candidate and Petition Information​
    Results, Running for Local Office, and Election Information

    ​​Election Results
    Current Election
    The City of Grand Rapids "Unofficial" Election Night Results will be displayed below for the current election and also available on Comcast Cable Channel 26.

    Past Elections​
    The election results  list​ contains results for the City of Grand Rapids only.  If you want a more extensive list (ie: county-wide), please visit ElectionMagic.

    Running for Local Office
    ​​City Officials - Mayor, City Commissioner, Comptroller
    ​City elections are held in August and November of odd-numbered years.  Someone wishing to run for a City Office can obtain the petition packets at the Grand Rapids City Clerk's Office after January 1st of odd-numbered years.  A minimum of fifty (50) and no more than one-hundred (100) valid signatures on petition forms is required.

    School and Library Board Elections
    Individuals who wish to run for the Grand Rapids Public School Board or Grand Rapids Public Library Board must either obtain a minimum of forty (40) and no more than one-hundred (100) valid signatures on petition forms or submit a non-refundable fee of $100.00 to the Grand Rapids City Clerk's Office.

    Political Signs
    No political sign or handbill shall be placed on any utility pole or on any property within the city right-of-way (the area between the street curb and the sidewalk or when no sidewalk is present, the area between the utility pole placement and the street surface).

    Requesting Election Information
    You may request election information by submitting a Data Information Request Form with the appropriate fee in the following formats:
    1. Email
    2. Labels
    3. CD
    4. Printed List