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         City Charter, Title XIV City Code Sec. 1.351

         The Board was created to have custody, management and control of the City's Public Museum and of
          the property and assets belonging to it.  The Board has the responsibility to appoint, employ,
         supervise and compensate such employees as it deems appropriate.  It is to be both the head of the
         Museum department and the special purpose body with authority to manage the Museum
         The Board consists of five (5) members with the President, Vice-President and Secretary elected
         The membership is composed of community leaders with a demonstrated knowledge or
         interest in some aspect of social, cultural and/or natural history.

         Members are appointed by the City Commission on the first Monday in January.

    Residency Requirement

         Each member's term is for four (4) years and not subject to the Service Limitation Policy.


         Location:     Van Andel Museum
                            272 Pearl St, NW
                            Grand Rapids, MI 49504

         Frequency:   Subject to Call (see meeting announcements below)

         Meeting Announcements:

              2017 Meeting Calendar (Pending)

              Meeting Notice


         Dale Robertson, President and CEO
         Grand Rapids Public Museum
         ph: 456-3977

    ​  Current Members

    Dr. George Grant, Jr.
         City Commission Appointment
         Term Ends: 01/04/2021 

    Robert Herr 
         City Commission Appointment
         Resident – Ward 2
         Term Ends:  01/04/2021

    Tamara J. VandenBerg​
       City Commission Appointment
        Resident – Ward 2
        Term Ends:  01/04/2021

    ​​Jennifer Schaub
         City Commission Appointment
         Term Ends:  1/1/2018


    Lyman Starling Parks, Jr
         City Commission Appointment
         Term Ends:  1/1/2018