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    Contract Compliance

    In our transformation of diversity and inclusion programs, we have reviewed and
    re-tooled the City Commission Policies 600-10, 900-09, and 900-38. The revisions include incorporating the technological advances in the City’s purchasing system (WebProcure) as a paperless data entry and communication tool. Additionally, the revisions of the Contract Compliance Program will align these policies with the Sustainability Plan by providing the City with the data needed to evaluate the impact of spending related to the triple bottom line including social, economic and environmental prosperity.


    The City’s EBO programs provide bid discount opportunities for vendors and contractors based on (among other discounts) resident status, disability status and veteran status; the Investment Policy provides Bonus Basis Points for financial institutions wishing to be depositors of City funds; and the Tax Abatement Policies provide tax incentives for investment(s) within the City. The Contract Compliance Program has been re-tooled to provide data and information for all of these programs as well as provide the City Commission the opportunity to evaluate “who” the City does business with and how City spending directly affects the citizens of Grand Rapids. Also, provisions have been added which provide for fees (maximum $100/year per contractor with contracts or payments over $10,000) to cover administrative costs. These revisions have been shared with the Monday Group and are summarized below:

    600-10 – Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in City Contracting (Contract Compliance)

    The revised Contract Compliance Program requires firms doing business with the City to:

    1. Sign a Covenant of Non-Discrimination

    2. Provide workforce data including employment of: 

    • city residents

    • residents of the General Target Area (GTA)

    • veterans and disabled individuals

    • females and minorities

    3. Provide triennial updates of workforce data

    4. Provide a data source for the EBO bid discount programs, the Investment Policy Bonus Basis points program and the Tax Abatement policies hiring and tracking programs.

    900-09 and 900-38 (Act 198 and 328) 

    City Commission Policies 900-09 and 900-38 (Act 198 and Act 328 Tax Abatement policies) have language reflected in them that required firms seeking tax abatements to comply with affirmative action guidelines set forward in the former City Commission Policy 600-10. These policies have been revised to mirror the Contract Compliance Program for firms requesting Act 198 or Act 328 tax abatements.

    Contract Compliance Form (PDF)

    Administrative Guidelines