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What qualities are most important in a Police Chief?
What vision? and what should be the focus?
How should the new Chief lead us in the direction of this vision?
Additional comments:
Second WardYes
-High personal ethical and moral standards. Leadership in the Department in these areas.
-Demonstrated Community Policing orientation.
-Familiarity with and commitment to data driven administration
-The ability to meet and work with ALL segments of the community and not JUST - or even primarily - minorities.
-Community involvement outside of being Police Chief
-The ability to work within a limited budget
-The ability not to be intimidated by or be overly solicitous of the views of elected officials
-Sensitivity to personal privacy issues and date collection on people who are NOT crime suspects. Things like retention of license plate reader data.
An ethically conscious, data-driven, community oriented police department that doesn't tolerate violent, racist or self-centered officers or employees. The Chief should focus on these qualities.
Quietly, firmly, compassionately and intelligently.
Find another Harry Dolan IF you go outside the P.D. OR, at least, seek the advice of Harry Dolan. But get away from the "nationwide search" paradigm. Rebecca Whitman at GRCC Police (former GRPD Captain). Kristin Poleski, Ferris State University faculty (former GRPD Lieutenant, former Florida Deputy Chief, PhD candidate in Public Administration). Carson City, MI Police Chief Bruce Partridge (former KCSD Captain). Give preference to strong local candidates.
Second WardYes
anti-racist, leader, collaborative, can-do attitude, out-of-box thinker
That the police team up with the community to make Grand Rapids a safer, integrated, diverse (all aspects)diverse city.
Looking for solutions in collaboration with the people working to build this communities better future.
The desire to serve the people who are depending on him .
I don't knowYes
Inclusive and willing to listen. There are so many factors that contribute to crime and community that we need a leader who is willing to listen and include everyone at the conversation.
I don't knowYes
The ability to foster a unified, positive, enthusiastic police force.
The police chief needs to be open and honest with the public as to the issues the force faces on the streets. Being more candid, more honest, and more open about how the public can participate and support the police force could result in a better equipped, more positive and more effective force. If all the public ever hears is the generalized need for more money, but crime always seems to be rising in our neighborhoods, we the public lose interest and faith in handing over more money. If the public hears specific targeted plans to reduce crime and then sees some improvements, maybe the public will be encouraged and become more willing to give more support over time.
First WardYes
Integrity is very important when choosing the next police chief. This person must have a record of problem solving and proactive community policing.
The vision should be a cleaner and safer Grand Rapids. The Constitutional and Privacy rights of people must be maintained. We need someone who isn’t soft on crime and won’t be influenced by the politics of City Government.
Adding more police officers in the city’s schools and having the lowest crime rate in decades.
Someone’s race of gender shouldn’t be a factor in selecting the next police chief. The person’s qualifications, integrity and fit are the most important. Political correctness doesn’t make the streets safer of improve the quality of life in Grand Rapids.
Third WardYes
Honesty and the trust of community stakeholders, city officials, peers, citizens and students of all ages in the city.
Vision of restoration and community support from the Mayor`s and Commissioners throughout the system show being on one accord.
Follow the current one in place, hire officers who have cultural diversity, recruit minorities and trained them to listen intently but be on alert. Purchase assault guns for officers that equals what the criminals have, send more community school officers out in the communities to shate what its like to work in dofferent parts of the city. There should be more trust s
At the city level and he or she should be a minority who represents all culturals, chief should be in good physical and mental health be able to chase doen a suspect by foot, be a fun person and approachable, non smoker if possible and demonstrate positive behaviors , loveable spouse, parent, a builder of outstanding public relations and love children and people. Be well educated, post grad studies, maybe a lawyer or someone with excellent criminal background, management and professional skills with a Christin heart.
I agree the search team should be rainbow colors of people in our community. I object to spending city tax payer`s dollars on a search committee when we already have reluable people in our community serving on boards and community organizations. I object to the city manager being the final say on this city wide position, community listening tours musy be taken seriously in the selection process. Many people do not trust city officials after the Laurie Parks firing because a few personnel organize a take over. The city has a lot of growing up to do when it come to cultural diversity and respect.
First WardYes
Experience.  Leadership.  Ability to motivate others by example.  Ability to manage in a strongly union environment.  Ability to hold the respect of the community.  Calm focus at times of crisis.
Focus on deterrence of violent crime, including those crimes involving firearms, drugs, and home invasions.  Break up gang activity.
Managing the department through use of training, technology, and data-driven policing strategies, to continue providing excellent service.
You should find a Chief with out-of-state policing experience.
Third WardYes
Extensive knowledge of practices that have reduced or resolved crime rates in other cities, particularly those with similar sizes and demographics to Grand Rapids metro area. Openness to trying new tactics and methodologies. Utmost respect for citizens showing as much restraint as possible.
I think the major issue that Grand Rapids struggles with is gun violence. I would like to see Grand Rapids become a city where shootings become an extremely rare occurrence (less than 1 shooting per year, certainly). I realize some of this is outside of GRPD's control (gun laws, social/cultural issues), but I believe that the Police Chief can have a large influence in achieving this goal and creating manageable steps to achieve it.
Reducing gun violence (and other violent crime), particularly in the summers.
I don't knowYes
The number one character of importance is that the Police Chief is an oath keeper that will uphold the constitution and not enforce unconstitutional laws. The Chief needs to be of good moral character and serve the citizens best interests.
Crime prevention and public relations.
Third WardYes
I don't knowYes
The three most important qualities we need in our next police chief are compassion, vision, and the ability to communicate well. Often times the police can be seen as seeing the world in black and white, there are no grey areas, but a police chief with compassion will know that sometimes brute force isn't always the best remedy to a situation.  A little honey goes a lot further than vinegar.  We also need a leader who has a vision for what he or she would like to see our City become and can use the best innovation to help achieve that vision.  And finally the last quality our next police chief will need is to be someone who is a good communicator with all people.  One thing I remember about Chief Dolan is, that he would make it a point to take his message to the people.  He could communicate well, and he seemed to be at home and feel comfortable enough in his own skin that nothing seemed to phase him.   
 Hospitals are already recognizing that they spend too much time on a small percentage of the population and it eats up a lot of resources and the people who are actually paying the bills get shortchanged.  They are taking steps to be more preventative with these "frequent flyers", and to shift them to urgent care centers instead of hospital emergency rooms. That same attitude needs to be adopted with the GRPD. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see on that the majority of the calls for service happen in a small portion of the city.  Our new police chief should adapt a vision for this community that addresses this and helps to shift more resources to the neighborhoods who could use more attention, but are being neglected because of the problem neighborhoods.  Maybe the new police chief should hire an army of social workers to deal with the domestic issues and the mentally ill people that require more compassion than force. These cases usually get assigned a social worker at some point, but imagine the efficiency if they could be addressed right at that moment.   
Technology and innovation.  They are already taking the right steps in many ways - all wheel drive vehicles, license plate readers, laptops in the vehicles - these are all good things.  But there are more innovations out there.  Imagine if a citizen could see a crime occurring, record it on a police app and have the police respond within minutes.  Or imagine if the police had video recording cameras that they wore on their head so that most everything the police saw, others could see as well.  In addition, the next police chief needs to communicate well to the people, what he needs to make this city safer and better.  If he/she can communicate well and form solid relationships with citizens, than he/she will be able to take his or her message of what she/he needs to do the job well, and we will be willing to pay the taxes so that it can get done.  
First WardYes
Ability and experience to work in an urban setting .... experience with poverty, drugs, gangs, homelessness, violence.  Also, integrity, honesty, compassion, proven leadership in urban setting, effective communicator, community collaboration.
I'd like to see the GRPD working collaboratively within communities and neighborhoods to identify solutions to prevent crime, develop programs for at-risk youth, provide training within the GRPD to deal effectively and compassionately with crime, homelessness, and mental illness. I'd like to see consistent communication and collaboration between GRPD and public.  
Prevention of violent crimes, gang-related crime, creating a safe environment within neighborhoods. Promote honesty and integrity of individuals within the GRPD. Education and information needs to be effectively communicated between the GRPD and public regarding crime and prevention in neighborhoods.
I don't knowYes
Wisdom for good judgment; Integrity; capabilty to inspire and remind both police and citizens of the proportionate roles of humanity and law for peace and order; leadership rooted in a personal conviction that people desire good--they just screw up on what it is and how you get it; energy;  effective communicator; abilty to foster collaboration between diverse groups;  and a creative thinking about new ways to solve old problems.  
Encourage neighbors to know one another and be responsible.  Inspire citizens about their role in the commumnity's peace and order.
Encouraging young people to understand they are an important part of any solutions in a local community.
Helping seasoned officers who have seen so much inhumanity, retain their own hope and humanity.
My encounters with GR Police over the years , mostly on going over the city speed limits, have been courteous and appropriate.
I wish all police had a partner to work with.   
Cars do tend to isolate all of us.
Police, for the most part, are visible in cars or out of them.  When they don't brush snow off their back rear view window or drive recklessly, I want to remind them who they are--they set the standards for behavior in many ways or they produce cynicism. 
I also want to thank them and their families for taking on the job they do.
Third WardYes
Previous Experience is not necessary.
An innovative thinker. 
Understands budget constraints. Knows how to maximize the resources he or she has.
Motivates his or her officers and the community.
Wants to be a part of the Grand Rapids Community.
Has the ability to communicate with all of the people - poor, wealthy, middle class if there are any left.
Even handed.
The new Police Chief will participate and live in our community. He or She will bridge the socio-economic and race gaps. He or She will be proactive. Gangs and drugs were coming our way long before we did anything. We need a proactive Police Chief
Maximizing his or her budget. Be affordable. Live in the community - and not the 'uber' cool areas. Proactive thinking. Innovative. Likable and approachable. 
I personally would like to see someone who has not been a Police Chief before get the job. First, the person would be affordable. The City has no money! Second, no previous baggage. No need to accomplish what he or she could not accomplish in their previous position. 
First WardYes
Honesty, integrity, experience and willing to do what is right.
Moving more into a proactive stance and getting out of their vehicles more. Working with the city to actually spend money where it matters (police, fire and roads) and not ANYTHING else until we have those positions fully staffed to lower response times.
Minimizing overtime and increasing the size of the force to allow the department to police the way it should.
Safety and security of Grand Rapids citizens trumps any and all government expenditures, Quit wasting money on stupid crap that sounds/looks goods and focus on the hand full of things that the majority of citizens care about. Put out a survey asking for the top five things and I guarantee they will not be what Mayor Heartwell or the Commissioners think.
Third WardYes
We need a chief lean and mean - not fat and quick to judge other officers -
one that will back his employees at all cost. Must be a leader -
The department should be very aggressive in solving crime-
The chief should look for employees who want a career opportunity not a job opportunity. Give the vet a new career in the GR police Dept.
I am proud to attend the police memorial every year as direct descendent of killed officer Sam Slater. Please make the event bigger - invite the whole city.
Third WardYes
Ability to connect with citizens and police officers.
Reduce racial profiling.
Respect for diversity and rule of law. The new chief needs to understand and reflect the diverse makeup of the Grand Rapids area.
GRPD needs to be innovative, data-driven and open to new tools and techniques for combatting violent crime. The new chief needs to really understand the power of technology and data without crossing the line into overreaching surveillance. I would be extremely wary of a chief who doesn't place significant focus and resources into technology.

Also, GRPD should focus heavily on community outreach. In Eastown we've got helpful, involved community liaison officers, which is great. More outreach like this, and more outreach to kids. A diverse, community-focused police force is less likely to be perceived antagonistically and more likely to be trusted.
Exploring and implementing technologies and data-driven approaches that have worked well for other cities, increasing diversity within the police department and furthering community outreach. Technology, diversity, community.
I've felt for some time that GRPD should really consider having a new website built, preferably a stand-alone site designed and developed by a great local company. GRPD's online presence could be much better, which would help with community outreach and be a good step toward embracing technology more thoroughly.
Second WardYes
A chief should be able to be flexible and adjust law enforcement policy and practices based on the needs of the community he or she serves--using progressive and innovative methods to help make our community a better place to live in and visit. He or she should believe strongly in the "serve" portion of "protect and serve." He or she should understand that "protecting" can have social consequences and should be able to shape policies that are intentionally equitable. He or she should vision an intentionally diverse police force. He or she should live in the City of Grand Rapids. Candidates should not all be white males.
Community-based policing approach. Progressive and innovative law enforcement strategy. Equitable application of the law.
Creating a diverse police force. Creating trust with citizens by shifting policies to ensure equitable application of the law and creating a foundation for meaningful community policing.
Though there are likely some fine internal candidates (Cpt Payne, for instance), a larger search is needed and candidates should be searched out from across the country; particularly from departments doing the best work.
I don't knowYes
We need a chief who can build on the community that Chief Belk has worked on. 
We need to continue to reduce response times.
The most important comment of this survey is to please hire the right person. Do not hire because of color, gender, etc. I am in total disagreement with past GR City Commission who wanted to hire a African American who could unite communities. I have no problem hiring a person of color or gender PROVIDED that they are what best fits the job description and can unite communities. Looking back to the 2008 when Belk was over Farrell, the City Commission, in my opinion was wrong to oppose Kimbells hiring of Belk. They need to support what ever decision is carefully arrived at.  Again, let's hire the right person, regardless of color or gender.That is what is best for Grand Rapids. I support 100% Greg's Sundstrom views. 
First WardYes
A person who can build relationships with the citizens and also with the officers & unions.
Strong leadership qualities
We need a department that is respected by its citizens and one that the citizens are proud of. This needs to be accomplished by the actions of its members.
Gang Activity
Drug Activity
We are having too many senseless murders and shootings. We are the second largest city in the state and I do not want us to get a negative reputation due to the local gang bangers.
First WardYes
Accessibility. Someone who speaks like a regular person. Someone who understands that he is serving the needs of the citizens, not the City, and so appreciates that citizens have very little contact with law enforcement overall and so do not understand the nuances of being, for example, directed by an officer to do something or approached and questioned by an officer. It's something new and overwhelming for the overwhelming majority of us. I would hope the new Chief instills a sense of civic mindedness in the department, so that officers better appreciate who they are protecting and helping, and not get frustrated with the citizens. (I hope that makes sense.)
Tackle the high-crime areas. (I really like the plan to hire 10 new officers and devote 10 seasoned officers to deal with GR's high-crime areas.) 

As a city, we are developing and endorsing many new ways top involve the citizens in events and programs - the GRPD needs to support those efforts through strong visibility, approachability, and extra kindness - not as though they are looking for the smallest thing to make an issue of.
High-crime areas. Accessibility. Having "human" officers and not "machines" (this might help when victims and witnesses refuse to cooperate in investigations).
I have had a few encounters with the GRPD and one with Chief Belk. Each encounter in person has been very positive - but I think a lot of that has to do with me and my general demeanor.

When I say "accessibility," I mean approachable, understandable, kind, eager to listen, and not coming across as a "robocop," but rather a neighbor.

Good luck! 
Third WardYes
1) Respect / admiration from the city's police force.
2) Respect / admiration from the city's residents.
3) Great intelligence and vision.
4) Excellent communication skills.
Grand Rapids has been blest with extremely competent police chiefs over many years, men who form my perspective embodied high moral and ethical values.  Building on this trend of excellence would be the right call. 
Working with neighborhood associations / watches to address the most pressing issues and concerns at the street level.  Captain Curt VanderKooi has developed an impressive model of this on a neighborhood level from my own personal experience.  This type of effort builds tremendous trust between the police force and the community.  A candidate who shared Captain VanderKooi's perspective, values, and empathy for the community would serve the city very well as its next police chief.
Thank you for seeking and accepting input from residents on this important matter.
Second WardYes
Experience, especially in confronting gang violence.
Well trained, law and order agency.  I'd like to see an agency that understands the 2nd Amendment of the United States constitution and the Michigan constitution, so as not to subject our city to unnecessary and avoidable lawsuits.  An agency that is more proactive than reactive.
Eradicate the gang problem in this city.  Take back control of the SE side and Woodland Mall.  
It insults me when others say the new chief MUST be a minority or female.  Skin color and gender have never been an indicator in qualifications.  Please interview and hire the most qualified and credentialed candidate available, minority or not.
Second WardYes
 Someone willing to have officers patrol areas that are most in need. Shootings and the most violent crimes are being committed on the south side of the city. I hope the next chief see this and organizes accordingly. 
Perhaps more community focus and communication of what areas to be cautious of. 
Violent crime and violent areas. I live on the north side and am starting to see the violence from the south move northward. It is very scary to think I should be worried about going for a walk at night. 
 Please choose the best candidate by credentials and not race.  George Heartwell is a cancer to our wonderful city. Instead of trying to increase the diversity/population of our city perhaps he should first be protecting the citizens it already has and only then increasing our population/diversity. 
Third WardNo
The most important is having the quality and skill set to be culturally competent.  Also full of integrity and a strong leader.
To create a police department that looks like its community.  To have one who sees beyond stereotypes and empowers people.
Continue to work on crime
First WardYes
Someone who understands the situation of the residents and is focused on stopping hard crime instead of just trying to lock people up. We need someone who lives in the city, that understands the plight of those in these neighborhoods. 
We need a focus on community policing focused on stopping crime more than locking folks up. 
Safety and working in the community, not prisons. 
Second WardYes
someone who is pro-community policing, someone who is approachable and accessible to the residents & neighborhood associations.
First WardYes
Someone to carry on solid work that Belk did. Someone who ideally knows and understands the "Grand Rapids way". Need someone with solid communications and community relations. 
Vision of inclusiveness, community engagement, more preventative focus, relationship building with children. Bigger picture view of what it takes to fight crime: early childhood, K12 education, after school, restorative justice, relationship building with students.
Community relations, relationship building/preventative outreach age 0-18. 
The City needs to hire the best person, right fit based on qualifications. If individual is African American or Hispanic/Latino and a female, great. But that should not drive decision making. 
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