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Vital Streets Side Walks

The Sustainable Streets Task Force Report envisioned moving people - to shops, jobs, education, health care, recreation and places of worship - not just vehicles. Vital Streets serve everyone, create value of place and protect the natural resources of our city.


The Sustainable Streets Task Force recommended and voters agreed, in May 2014, that the Point of Sale Sidewalk Program should be discontinued and responsibility for repair and replacement should become the responsibility of the City. The previous Point-of-Sale Sidewalk Program provided an ineffective shot-gun approach to sidewalk repair and replacement, and with the City taking over the responsibility, we will now be able to manage how it is done on a systematic basis with adequate resources. 


  • Inspect or repair/replace all 1,134 miles of existing sidewalks in a 15-year revolving cycle
  • 73 miles of sidewalk inspected annually
  • 250% increase in miles of sidewalk repaired annually
  • Increased and accelerated ADA ramp installation
  • Improved sidewalk connectivity

As more data is collected, additional information on results will be provided. 


 Sidewalk Update