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    City Performance Dashboard


    Welcome to the City’s performance dashboard. Here you can follow the City’s performance in four areas: fiscal stability, public safety, economic strength, and quality of life. Each area has a series of indicators that provides information for the previous year (fiscal year 2010) and the current year (fiscal year 2011). In addition, each indicator has a plot you can access by clicking on the graphic icon.

    Also, the City has created a Citizens’ Guide to the City’s Finances. This document provides an overview of City revenue sources and expenditures, tax rates, financial position, and long-term obligations. To read this document, please click here. 

    To view a Projected Budget Report and information related to the City's Debt Service Requirements click on these links.  

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    Progress Legend


    Fiscal StabilityPriorCurrentProgressPlotNotes

    General Fund Revenue per capita

    $554.25$543.56Performance declining
    trueGeneral Fund Revenue per capita (2005 - 2011)US DollarsLinefalse
    General Fund Revenue per capita549570575596560.79554.25543.56

    General Fund Expenditures per capita

    $541.63$521.64Performance improving
    trueGeneral Fund Expenditures per capita (2005 - 2011)US DollarsLinefalse
    General Fund Expenditures per capita539520571600573.59541.63521.64

    Total Governmental Revenue per capita

    $926.54$1,001.89Performance improving
    trueTotal Governmental Revenue per capita (2005 - 2011)US DollarsLinefalse
    Total Governmental Revenue per capita869914893919885.36926.541001.89

    Total Governmental Expenditures per capita

    $936.51$988.09Performance declining
    trueTotal Governmental Expenditures per capita (2005 - 2011)US DollarsLinefalse
    Total Governmental Expenditures per capita960.56918.96938.38987.19952.62936.51988.09

    Public Safety Expenditures

    70.8%75.6%Performance declining
    truePublic Safety Expenditures (2005 - 2011)PercentageLinefalse
    Public Safety Expenditures56.558.661.262.062.870.875.6

    Fund Balance

    12.5%8.0%Performance declining
    trueFund Balance (2005 - 2011)PercentageLinefalse
    Fund Balance9.412.912.49.16.912.58.0

    Pension & OPEB

    68.4%71.2%Performance declining
    truePension & OPEB (2005 - 2011)PercentageLinefalse
    Pension & OPEB101.9108.886.983.973.068.471.2

    Ratio of Employees to Retirees

    0.990.99Performance staying the same
    trueRatio of Employees to Retirees (2005 - 2011)PercentageLinefalse
    Ratio of Employees to Retirees1.

    Debt per capita

    $710.11$682.95Performance improving
    trueDebt per capita (2005 - 2011)US DollarsLinefalse
    Debt per capita694683744736706.58710.11682.95

    Cooperative Ventures

    9293Performance improving
    trueCooperative Ventures (2005 - 2011)NumberLinefalse
    Cooperative Ventures92929292929293
    Quality of LifePriorCurrentProgressPlotNotes

    Miles of sidewalks and non-motorized trails per mile of local roads

    2.972.96Performance staying the same

    Budget committed to arts, culture and recreation (Millions of dollars)

    22.1019.90Performance staying the same

    Acres of park per thousand residents

    8.268.26Performance staying the same

    Percent of community with access to curbside recycling

    100%100%Performance staying the same
    Economic StrengthPriorCurrentProgressPlotNotes

    % of community with access to high speed broadband

    100%100%Performance staying the same

    % of community age 25+ with BS or higher

    27%28%Performance improving

    Average Age of City Bridges Infrastructure (years)

    4647Performance staying the same
    Public SafetyPriorCurrentProgressPlotNotes

    Violent crimes per thousand

    8.607.30Performance improving

    Property crimes per thousand

    41.4032.40Performance improving

    Traffic Fatalities

    129Performance improving