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    Commission sets PACE; adopts clean energy program for property owners

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The City Commission has adopted a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The program's Special assessment PACE districts make it easier for property owners to complete energy saving improvements and installations.

    “I am pleased that my colleagues on the City Commission joined me in approving a PACE program,” Mayor Rosalynn Bliss said. “PACE provides a critical tool for property owners. It is an exciting step toward our sustainability goals and is a tremendous boost to the Grand Rapids 2030 District.”

    Under the PACE program, property owners and lenders agree to a loan, secured by the property and paid back through a special assessment. The special assessment remains with the property and has the same priority as tax and assessment liens in the event of non-payment. Grand Rapids will treat each PACE project as a district.

    “PACE is a tool that solves the disconnect between current financing mechanisms and the long-term payback of an energy improvement project. It matches the two for the first time,” Deputy City Manager Eric DeLong said.

    Grand Rapids businesses are excited about PACE, according to Joshua Lunger, director of government affairs for the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

    “There is interest from the business community in using this new tool,” Lunger said. “We applaud the mayor and City Commission for creating another potential pathway for area businesses to make investments in sustainability and efficiency.”

    The Grand Rapids PACE program does not use any City funds. Instead, a PACE administrator helps to match lenders and property owners. Lean & Green Michigan will serve as a PACE administrator for the Grand Rapids program.

    “We are honored to serve as PACE administrator for the City of Grand Rapids as it launches its PACE program,” said Andy Levin, President of Lean & Green Michigan. “Grand Rapids is well-recognized as a leader in sustainability."

    City staff will share PACE application process details at a launch event in October.